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Brief encounters

Our court correspondent tells us of imminent excitement in the primary heidies' equal pay scrap. Smelling salts all round.

The planned session today promises more colour at the Glasgow employment tribunal where on and off for over a year M'learned friends have been running up sizeable bills.

The Association of Head Teachers in Scotland has put up Glenda White, former HMI, chief inspector in Strathclyde's quality assurance unit and depute director inSouth Lanarkshire, as an expert witness.

A dangerous witness, you might think. Probably why South Ayrshire, which is defending the case for all Scottish authorities, is challenging her competency - legally speaking - to give evidence on equal pay.

Whatever the legal knifings, this one seems sure to join four other wranglings from the same case in the appeal courts.

Primary heidies should keep trying the lottery. Or at least McCrone.

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