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In brief;GCSE Revision;Books

MATHS REVISION (Foundation). Cambridge University Press pound;5.95. SMP Revise for GCSE (Foundation). Cambridge University Press pound;7.75.

These two books are almost identical in content but the first is designed for use in class with a separate set of worksheets, while SMP Revise for GCSE is intended for private study with worksheets in the back.

Each section has a short introduction, followed by graded exercises. These all have answers and hints provided, along with references for further help or practice in SMP books. The hints are clear and succinct.

The layout of the books is clear, but the monochrome illustrations often add little except visual interest. Although the book covers all the foundation level content, it will be of most value in schools that use SMP.

BASIC MATHS SKILLS REVISION AND PRACTICE. By A Ledsham and M Wardle. Oxford University Press pound;10.

This book is designed for students working towards basic numeracy certificates such as those offered by RSA and City and Guilds. The approach is thorough and assumes little prior knowledge. However, the language is sometimes of a high level and rather archaic (eg, "several ladies are going to the hairdressers").

Many exercises are provided and there are sections at the back of the book in which mathematical skills are related to everyday situations. These are generally good, although the section on personal finance may prove a little daunting for students working at this level.

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