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In brief;Numeracy

LEARNING LADDER YEAR 3 AND PRE-SCHOOL (3-5) for PC and Mac. Dorling Kindersley pound;19.99 each

As we expect from DK, these discs contain graphics and sound of a high quality. Each covers aspects of English as well as numerical skills.

The pre-school disc includes topics such as counting, matching and sorting, time, and understanding shape and size. The Year 3 disc contains material on reading and writing numbers, place value, the four rules, symmetry and properties of shapes.

In each case, the activities are introduced by Woody, the animated pencil, and helpful advice is given as voice-overs (for example, if the child seems to be hesitating, the voice makes a suggestion). Children are given a "sticker" when they have succeeded with a task.

Teachers can get an immediate visual graph of the areas the child has covered. The lack of a printed guide is irritating, but otherwise these are very good value.

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