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JOKES, JOKES, JOKES AND MORE JOKES. Sheffield Hallam University Press, Adsetts Centre, City Campus, Sheffield S1 1WB. pound;15 per pack (profits to Oxfam).

This pack is designed for pupils with reading problems who are unable to cope with vowel phonemes in the years stipulated in the National Literacy Strategy.

It includes 20 cards, on each of which is a collection of jokes, clearly printed and well laid out.

Each card focuses on one common spelling of a vowel phoneme, and words featuring that spelling pattern appear in every joke. There are also four small, well-produced, do-it-yourself books, for pupils to compile their own collections of jokes.

These are non-patronising, highly motivating materials for practising reading and writing, ideal for use as part of a structured phonics course for low ability groups in key stages 2 or 3. They could be used by the class teacher during guided reading and writing sessions in the Literacy Hour, or for supervised work with a classroom helper during group time. Simple but effective and very well produced.

Sue Palmer

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