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A bright side to teaching

Easter is late this year and if you're in a traditional three-term school you'll know this spring term has been a long one. By the time you hit the holidays you'll be exhausted. Still, a late break should mean better weather and a shorter summer term, so with the spirit of a true teacher, opt for optimism, look on the bright side.

Easter is my favourite school holiday (apart from the summer one, of course). It has none of the exhausting trappings of its fancy predecessor, the Christmas break. The sun should be out with the lambs and, it being spring, everyone is in a good mood. Pupils are gearing up for revision, tests, exams or leaving school, teachers are thinking about moving on and everyone, without exception, knows it's not long until you hit the end of the school year.

The end of this term is also make or break time for you and your induction, so read the wise words of our expert Sara Bubb in this month's issue.

Get your spring assessment right and you're set up for summer.

Chop chop.

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