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A DVD on interactive whiteboards can help you make the most of the technology, says Chris Drage

Do any of the following issues affect you or teachers in your school: the core benefits of the use of interactive whiteboards; the enhancement of teacher planning and the structure of lessons; focal points for collaborative learning; easy access to resources at the touch of a hand on the screen; the involvement of children in genuine interaction with an interactive whiteboard; children participating in shaping lessons by taking teachers back to other resources; development of teachers' ICT skills? If the answers are "yes", then you need to contact Espresso Education and secure one of its excellent DVDs on interactive whiteboards.

Developed in collaboration with Hounslow LEA, Espresso Professional Development has created a video-rich module aimed at highlighting the potential of interactive whiteboards in terms of teaching and learning and helps prepare schools to deal with the practical issues of selecting, purchasing and installing boards and training staff in their use.

The module is based around video that was shot in six Hounslow schools.

Short video sequences show lessons and learning activities that cover a range of subjects, involve children from nursery to key stage 3 and demonstrate the use of a range of different media. Interviews with teachers provide background to the lessons and allow the benefits of experience of working with the boards to be shared. The video material is supported by links to websites, text summaries of some of the main points made by interviewees and an overview of recent research.

This is a training resource which shoots from the hip. The plethora of short video clips provides a punch which gets the message across very succinctly and the one which comes across very clearly is that it's not the technology which makes interactive whiteboards a success, but the skills of the teachers using them. The Espresso Interactive Whiteboard Training Module is a vital step in developing those skills.

Espresso Interactive Whiteboard Training Module

Price: pound;500 for single school licence; negotiable for LEA-wide use

Espresso Education

Riverside Studios

Crisp Road


London W6 9RL

Tel: 020 8237 1200

Fax: 020 8237 1201

Fitness for purpose *****

Ease of use ****

Features ****

Quality *****

Value for money ****

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