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British pupils go global: the YouTube video about Tibet that became an international hit

This two-minute film, drawing attention to the Tibetan practice of self-immolation, has been broadcast on Voice of America, and has – that ultimate accolade for all things Tibet-related – been championed by Hollywood actor Richard Gere.


Originally, however, the film was simply a school project, created by first-year International Baccalaureate students at UWC Atlantic College, in south Wales.

“Self-immolation is the most radical form of protest imaginable,” said 16-year-old Tsering Say, who suggested that her classmates make the film. Last year, Tsering's uncle set himself alight in the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, in protest at the Chinese government's continued presence there.

“But I think a lot of Tibetans feel that Tibet is in such a state that they can no longer live there. They have to burn themselves to get their message out.”

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