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Brotherly love

Feathers are ruffling among the sisters and brothers of the union movement after the Association of Teachers and Lecturers' application to join the STUC.

With members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and a few in Scotland, its expansionist plans envisage a recruitment drive north of the border. It is already a member of the TUC and there is no logical reason why it should be blocked.

It proposed not so long ago to the Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association but was rebuffed in its takeover bid. "I'd rather remain single, poor and ageing," replied the SSTA, which only 10 days ago reconsidered its status.

Not surprisingly, the NASUWT can hardly object to the ATL joining the STUC since it is on common ground as a UK union. That leaves the Educational Institute of Scotland. And who is a main player on the STUC council?

Step forward Ronnie Smith, EIS general secretary.

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