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BT's Living Library

Want your pupils to have home access to some of the same digital learning materials they use in class - and earn cash for your school at the same time? BT is sharpening up its education act and next week launches its BT Learning Centre. This portfolio of education services can be used on any telephone line - even BT's rivals - and the starter (bronze) service offers RM's revamped Living Library service. Parents can get this for pound;2.50 a month, and the service steps up incrementally, for example you can get Living Library plus two other curriculum titles (from providers like NetMedia, Actis, Cybermind and Granada Learning) for pound;3.99 a month etc. Flexibility is impressive and curriculum titles can be changed after just a week if. How do schools benefit? Parent subscribers nominate their children's schools for a one-off pound;5 payment (per subscription rather than per child).


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