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Buddhist group deserves respect

I am writing to you as secretary of the Association of Religious Education Inspectors, Advisors and Consultants (AREIAC), regarding the article "Buddhist group 'misleading' teachers" (TES, June 12.) The vast majority of local education authority advisers and Inspectors are members of this association and know the work of the Clearvision Trust and the educational materials it has produced. They find that these resources are of a high and professional standard, are well regarded within the RE profession and have been found to be effective in the teaching of Buddhism across the key stages.

Some of the members of the Clearvision Trust are themselves teachers who have in the past been employed in an advisory capacity by an LEA. They are well aware of the issues involved in non-confessional RE and the need to maintain breadth and balance in their materials. Of course they represent a particular view of Buddhism, but this is no different from Catholic or Quaker materials being used in the classroom.

Part of the process of religious education is to allow students to look at a variety of faith stances, both within a particular religion and through different religions. It is up to the teacher to ensure that students are presented with a range of evidence to enable them to make considered evaluations. The Clearvision Trust resources make a valuable contribution to this process.

CM Howard. AREIAC. Resource House. Kay Street. Bury

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