Budget realities

THE FILM INDUSTRY PACK. From Film Education. Alhambra House, 27-31 Charing Cross Road, London WC2 OAU. Tel: 0171-976 2291. Pounds 5; age range 15-18.

The Film Industry Pack, available at token cost, is well up to Film Education's usual standard. Enclosed in a smart plastic folder are five booklets, one each on film production, distribution and exhibition, and the other two offering distribution case studies and a production simulation game.

Added to these is a video with 40 minutes of trailers and teasers as well as a large poster tracing the progress of the film Brassed Off. Smaller, though no less useful, is an A3 flow chart on film funding and revenue. It all adds up to an unmissable offer.

The aim is to get behind the glamorous facade and to show the reality of a high-risk movie industry dedicated more than anything else to making money.

Modified accordingly, several of the tasks will simultaneously inform and intrigue a range of abilities from GNVQ Intermediate to A-level. Certain to be most popular are those activities that focus on a videotape for recent and forthcoming features.

A thoroughly useful package, then, not made significantly less so by the authors' failure to highlight the practice of replacing aspects of a film disliked by preview audiences. It's a point worth mentioning, but not one to complain about.

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