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Built to decay

Eirian Davies is a geography teacher at Ysgol Bro Ddyfi, Machynlleth, Wales Our school is close to the Centre for Alternative Technology, so by coming here we're making use of a local resource.

The children are all 14 or 15 years old and are taking GCSE geography.

Although they have not studied climate change yet, they study global warming in lots of subjects.

The centre has great resources, so it can take a more practical hands-on approach than I can. I liked the activities on the ecological footprinting.

A lot of the children come from agricultural backgrounds, so they know that milk comes from cows; it doesn't just come from the supermarket. However, I think the exercise made them think a lot more about how products such as crisps and chips are processed.

The centre has given me some of the picture cards so I can use them in school. It would be a good last-lesson kind of activity.

The class is of mixed ability and I think some of the children could have benefited from more time to look at the outside exhibits. There's so much to see.

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