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Healthcare week November 14-20

Secondary students from 60 schools in England are helping with a survey of body mass index, peak flow rates and resting and racing pulses conducted by physiologists and other NHS experts. The students will upload the data to help assess health among people aged 14 to 16 and gain an understanding of a healthy lifestyle and how healthcare experts use data for diagnosis.

Other events include activities for children organised by biomedical scientists in the National Blood Service, and World COPD Day, November 17, which will raise awareness of this widespread lung problem.



Holocaust seminar November 28

This seminar organised by the Aegis Trust on the theme "One person can make a difference" helps teachers organising commemorations for Holocaust Memorial Day. Venue, the Holocaust Centre, Laxton, Nottinghamshire. Fee: pound;100 plus VAT.

Tel: 01623 836627 Email: chantelle.lee@aegistrustorg

Make a 30-second film Closes December 1

Student filmmakers aged 16 upwards could win a Hi Definition video camera and commissions for more films by entering a 30-second public infomercial for this competition. It has been developed by the Community Communication Network as a work-based learning project. Categories include crime, education, health, housing, environment, economy, community advice and services. Winning films will be screened nationwide by CCN's local council clients. Prizes are sponsored by British Telecom. Submit entries to: CCN Competition, Into Media,5-13 Trinity Street, London SE1 1DB

Banks in Action

Through this international scheme, young people learn the principles of banking and experience the challenges of running one. It comprises a CD-Rom, classroom materials, online banking simulation and local, regional and national competitions. The Citigroup Foundation has awarded more than $2.7 million to Junior Achievement Worldwide for the redesign and global expansion of the programme which will be piloted in 18 countries early next year.Tel: Young Enterprise London 020 7278 6997 Email:

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