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Viking activities

July 22-September 9

Watch warfare displays, make a mini-Viking warrior or Valkyrie maiden and much more at Jorvik Viking Centre in York. Witness the Jorvik summer skirmish, August 26-28, and join a tour of the site excavation, DIG Live! (at DIG, St Saviour's Church's new archaeological attraction) and help clean, sort and label recent finds.


Tel: DIG tours, 01904 543403


Summer of science

September 12-14

Last-minute registration may be available to post-15 groups for free entry (including education packs) to the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition at Glasgow Science Centre. Hands-on exhibits include Stars 'r' us: the cosmic chemistry connection, and why midges and mosquitoes bite some people more than others. A Science on Show teachers'

evening on September 13 will include a private viewing and dinner. Check availability with Bonnie Laverock.

Tel: 020 7451 2561


Politics conference

September 22-24

The Politics Association's conference, Britain in a Changing World, will take place at Manchester University (PA is a charity run by ASA2 politics teachers and students). Speakers include: Professor Jon Tonge, PAchair, on teaching politics. Workshops will also be available.

Fee: pound;280 residential; pound;99 (training plus lunch).

Telfax: 0161 256 3906

Email: politicass@btconnect.com

Alcohol and its impact

Until March 31, 2007

Successive governments' attempts to regulate alcohol consumption have included introducing official measures and stamping out smuggling. The National Archives exhibition Drink: The History of Alcohol (1690-1920), in Kew, traces its social, economic and health impact.

Exhibits include George IV's alcohol bill on an 1822 visit to Scotland.


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