Bullies' bill

The National Workplace Bullying Advice Line has just taken its 1,000th call. Around 20 per cent of callers are teachers and lecturers.

The purpose of bullying is not strong management, but to hide inadequacy. Bullies project their inadequacy on to others to avoid facing up to it. Those who can, do. Those who can't, bully.

For many, each day at work means constant criticism, humiliation, isolation, exclusion and being singled out.

Responsibility is increased but authority removed, information is withheld, and training denied. Everything one says and does is twisted, unjustified verbal and written warnings are imposed, and so on.

These tactics are for control and subjugation, and, despite the bullies' specious claims, have nothing to do with the improvement of performance .

For the bullies' victims the result is stress, leading to lack of sleep, tiredness, tearfulness, irritability, headaches, aches and pains, frequent illness (through reduced immunity to infection), anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, poor concentration and memory, shattered self-confidence, and much more.

The Department of Health now estimates that 3.6 per cent of national average salary budgets is paid to employees who are absent from work because of stress.

A free information pack, including advice on standing up to bullies plus news of initiatives to tackle bullying, can be obtained by sending a large stamped addressed envelope to: Workplace Bullying, PO Box 77, Wantage, Oxfordshire OX12 8YT.

TIM FIELD Founder National Workplace Bullying Advice Line PO Box 77 Wantage Oxfordshire

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