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Bullying takes centre stage

I was interested in Kerra Maddern's comments on cyberbullying and the recent incidences with diver Tom Daley ("Cyberbullying fears surface after Daley is threatened", 10 August). I agree that cyberbullying is not really an ICT issue but a behavioural one. I run Loudmouth, a theatre company that has for 18 years offered interactive educational sessions on issues such as bullying. While the things over which people are bullied and the ways in which people bully may have changed, the fundamental issues of control, power and isolation remain the same. The focus needs to be on developing empathy for how it might feel to be bullied and awareness of the impact of actions. Theatre is a good way for learners to engage with these issues and look at things from different perspectives.

Chris Cowan, Loudmouth Education and Training, Birmingham.

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