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Burn Clarke burn

History's big cheeses met with Education Secretary Charles Clarke at Sanctuary Buildings last Wednesday as anti-tuition fees demonstrators made their feelings felt outside in truly 17th-century style . "It's the first time I've been with someone while they are burned in effigy outside!"

reflects Sean Lang, director of the Historical Association Curriculum Project. "You couldn't actually make out a word the protesters were shouting and Clarke seemed supremely unconcerned by it all!"

Tarnished balls?

It's official. David Beckham is not a desirable role model. Education minister Ivan Lewis made his position clear in Parliament last week, in response to Joan Walley, Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent North. She had pointed out that not all young players could expect pay like Goldenballs and should be trained for other careers. Mr Lewis's answer? "As a Manchester City supporter, I do not want young people to aspire to be David Beckham."

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