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Bursars not alone in feeling bitter

It is not only Staffordshire bursars who are facing possible pay cuts ("Bursars bitter after pay cut by third", December 1). The Professional Assocation of Teachers (PAT) has been contacted by many other members in Staffordshire and other local authorities anxious about job evaluation and the implementation of the single status agreement.

Teaching assistants are telling us that, to preserve current pay levels, they are working longer hours and have had to sign away possible entitlement to equal opportunities back pay. And at our annual conference, Sunderland nursery nurses told how they have to work more hours and during school holidays, and are not being recognised for their qualifications, skills and responsibilities. As one said: "What is the point of gaining extra qualifications to have them thrown in your face as worthless?"

While some local authorities are implementing single status more sensitively and effectively, dedicated employees in others have been left feeling shocked, devalued and upset.

Philip Parkin

General Secretary Professional Association of Teachers

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