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Buses that run on time

Here's a novelty - buses that run on time. As part of the BBC's remit to engage communities and new learners, Time Education has fitted out eight BBC regional community buses with the latest IT equipment. Each bus has six workstations with flat TFT screens and access to the internet, digital cameras, scanners, educational software, music equipment and broadcasting facilities. BBC local radio stations across the north of England and the Midlands will use the buses to support education programming throughout their regions and to assist community learning. Martin Allington, Time Education general manager, said: "The BBC buses provide a unique opportunity to bring new learning to the doorstep of those people who have never experienced the immense benefits that technology can provide." As the BBC's preferred supplier of NGfL managed services, Time Education has also been involved in the development of Open Centres based in BBC Radio Lancashire, Sheffield, Merseyside and Stoke-on-Trent where more focused training is available.

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