Business acumen

THE GREATEST LITTLE BUSINESS CD-ROM For Windows Multimedia PCs and Apple Macs, Pounds 27 for schools; Pounds 45 to public. From ICS Moving Page, Mill House, 10 Main Street, Hillsborough, County Down, Northern Ireland BT26 6AE.Tel: 01846 689911. Fax 018466 689786 Armed with this CD-Rom, most secondary and tertiary students would have little difficulty persuading a bank manager to give them a start-up loan. It is a refreshing example of a package that teaches you about thinking strategically and then translating your ideas into business objectives.

You are led through the stages of setting up a business: getting started and the details of planning. There are four hours of voice-over and 16 interactive, easy-to-use training sections in all. There are 10 case studies of business owners within the UK - involving everything from producing handmade chocolates for Concorde to renting fridges to the world. The Business Plan section enables you to develop one, while the software automatically carries out a series of cross-checks on the information It's not an easy task, but this CD-Rom actually succeeds in making business planning fun.

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