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Button pushes up security standards

What a pity that a potentially life-saving, inexpensive device was trivialised in the article about school security ("Help at the touch of a button", TES, February 1).

An essential point was ignored. The cost of our basic security system - pound;2,000 not pound;2,500 - is excellent value-for-money. It is so much more than a "panic" button. We can use it to call for immediate response to situations which, though serious, may not constitute an emergency. This adds significantly to pupil and classroom security.

Not only is the system re-assuring for staff, it also helps with disruptive situations in the classroom, playground acccidents and so on where every minute may count. Sending a child with a coded message for help is not the answer. Who would involve pupils in what could be a dangerous incident?

And what about the teacher who is isolated and vulnerable when children aren't on site?

The children were fully involved in the trial and responded positively. They take great pride that their school is now safer - a fact not lost on their parents. All at Great Meols are delighted with the new system. I welcome visitors who would like to see its benefits.

Rosemary Thornton Head, Great Meols primary school Elwyn Road, Meols, Wirral

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