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House for sale in Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo, located in north-central Bulgaria, is one of its oldest towns and a prime tourist spot. Teacher David Anderson is selling this traditional house with two bedrooms and a wood-burning stove. Plenty of potential. Imagine what you could do with a house like this. Do it up and rent it out? Turn it into a nightclub? Up to you. Price: pound;45,616.


Music from Qatar

What comes to mind when you think of Qatar? If not very much, try Pearls: Music Inspired by Qatar, a new CD by Scottish-born Ranjit Fernandez, an IT teacher at Doha College, in the country's capital, Doha. These eight instrumentals, inspired by his adopted home, are a mix of easy listening, hard rock and ambient dance. One track conjures up the atmosphere of motor-racing. Another, Caravan, celebrates the Bedouin traveller folk. The Western military presence is evoked in Night Flight. "They tell me this track sounds like Aphex Twin, although I've never heard of him," Ranjit tells The TES. The Qatar royal family have expressed their approval and Ranjit has dedicated Reach Out to their charity. You can download the music from iTunes, or for a CD, go to Price: $10 (pound;5.30). More details at

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