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Women at war

They were the women who kept the farms running while the male agricultural workers were at war and they also became the inspiration for a film.

Now Angie Butler, a Penzance primary teacher, has written a book about the women's land army.

She spent a year researching land girls after listening to her 91-year-old mother-in-law's stories of wartime evacuees in Cornwall, collecting stories of young women from all over the UK and beyond. The result is Digging For Memories, a fascinating book full of short, accessible memories, pictures and photographs. It is ideal for anyone who is interested in social history and a great resource for key stage 2 and upwards.

Price: pound;12.50 inc pp


Online numeracy tool

Patrick Allen, a Yorkshire junior school supply teacher, makes online teaching resources in his spare time. He says: "My numeracy teaching tool lets teachers get the most out of their interactive whiteboards. It's designed to put the teacher back in control, with a blank screen on to which they can drag everything from real coins, rulers and protractors to dice, number squares and a clock." He also has a literacy package, with lots of different styles of writing lines.

To find out more and try out his free demo and other resources, visit his website at

Price: Numeracy software pound;12 Contact:

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