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Buzz about a shocking bag

One can only imagine the frustration that prompted a teacher to send a five-year-old home with a poo in his bag.

The kindergarten teacher had found the dropping on the floor of her classroom. Knowing the boy in question had several accidents at school in the past, and kept spare clothes in his backpack just in case, she called his parents to say her classroom was stinky, and asked if it was possible he was to blame this time.

Although the boy's parents acknowledged the possibility, they never expected to receive the evidence. It seems the boy's teacher wrapped up the offensive matter in a plastic bag and put it in his bag along with his books. Accompanying the parcel was a note saying: "This little turd was on the floor in my room."

After complaining to the school, Apple Valley Elementary in Washington State in the US, the boy's parents have been offered a meeting with education officials. They have also asked for their son to be placed in a different classroom for the rest of the year.

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