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* Hot on the heels of the most recent version of Aegis, which was hailed as "the most valuable subject-specific package for 1995" by ACITT, the IT co-ordinators' organisation, comes Aegis 2, a comprehensive geographic information software package for PCs (Windows) and Acorn computers. It features a range of world maps, regionalised maps of the UK, unemployment figures and selected historical topics. Pounds 100, plus Pounds 3 pp.

* Almost Logo is a turtle graphics package for key stages 1 and 2, designed to create coloured patterns, mathematical shapes and play musical notes. An Acorn with at least l megabyte of memory is required to run Almost Logo, which can drive both Valiant and Jessop floor turtles. Price Pounds 25 for single user, Pounds 75 for network licence or Pounds 300 for higher education site licence.

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