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* The German Federal Ministry of Education is co-sponsoring aninitiative by Deutsche Telekom and Apple Computer to connect over 10,000 schools in Germany to the Internet. The "Schools on the Network" project will provide high-speed connections (ISDN lines) and plans to create multimedia educational material for distribution over DT's own network Apple Europe's Web education page is at

* Is your school software legal?The Federation Against Software Theft (FAST) is urging schools to be wary following the successful prosecution of a businessman whose company sold unlicensed software to 40 primary schoolsin the Birmingham area. He had been charged with infringingcopyright and deception.FAST, 1 Kingfisher Court, Farnham Road, Slough, Berks SL2 1JF. Tel: 01753 527999.

* School users of Acorn'spopular Pocket Book handheld computer could soon be"zapping" information to each other's machines.Psion, the company that makes them, has just launched a range of new machines which useinfra-red technology for transmitting data. Xemplar, the joint Acorn-Apple schools company, plans to have Pocket Books based on the Psion Series 3c available early in 1997. Xemplar, The Quorum,Barnwell Road,Cambridge CB5 8RE.Tel: 01223724724.

* Teachers with access toInternet should take a peek atthe National Council for Educational Technology's World Wide Web pages. More than400 reviews of CD-Roms for IBM and compatible, Apple and Acorn have been sitting out there in cyberspace. And the Multimedia Portable Computers for Teachers pilot project has meant even more titles have been reviewed,so teachers with Internet access are much less likely to buyunsuitable CDs.NCET Web address

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