The Stevenson report on IT in schools has "pinpointed the crippling lack of national strategy in UK schools", according to the man who commissioned it, Labour leader Tony Blair. "The warning is stark. Unless we make a drive to make the most of the new technology in our schools, we will not have the educated nation we need. This is an economic 'must' for any successful nation of the future."

The report recommends that every child over the age of nine and every adult should have their own personal e-mail address. The amount of time teachers spend on information technology in initial teacher training should be doubled and a rating system for educational software developed to help schools and parents choose appropriate products.

Mr Blair says he is keen on the US concept of NetDays, when schools and community volunteers work with industry sponsors to help wire up classrooms to the information superhighway. NetDays have already connected classrooms in 4,000 of California's 13,000 schools. NetDay 97 will take place next Saturday (April 19).

The Stevenson Commission report from 78-80 St John's Street, London EC1M 4HR (from Pounds 10). Tel 0171 250 1131 (Allyson Gaskin or Michelle Allen).

Net Day Web sites

http:www.netday96.comhttp:www.schoolwire.org2000news.htm Xemplar Education, the joint venture company formed by Acorn and Apple last year, is sponsoring the Labour Party's new interactive election web site because it believes it vital to "support forward-thinking initiatives" to improve the adoption and use of technology in schools.

With the launch of the site at, children can plan their own mock general election by picking up tips and suggestions from the site's School Election area. Labour has promised to use the information they send in to keep a running total of school election results.

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