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The United Kingdom is in danger of creating an "electronic ghetto" if the Government does not view the promotion of the use of IT in schools as a priority, says a report by the House of Lords' Select Committee on Science and Technology.

Information Society: Agenda for Action in the UK, the result of a five-month inquiry, which also looked at raising standards in teaching and learning with information technology, warns that the coming world of electronic communication presents yet another source of disadvantage between rich and poor. Among other things it urges the Government and the private sector to fund a target to connect all schools to the Internet.

It says the UK should develop and exploit the educational content of the Internet to provide computer-based learning materials which reflect UK rather than US culture and language. Other recommendations in the 40-point agenda include the setting up of an Information Society Task Force, suitably equipped classrooms in selected schools that will remain open "after hours" to allow homework to be done on site and special financial provision made available to support computer access in after-school clubs, since these are mostly used by poorer households.

Information Society: Agenda for Action in the UK is available on the Internet at hmsodocumentinforsoc.htm. e-mail: hol.sciencetech@parliament.ukback.

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