* SCETWorks 97, the Scottish management information system based on Key Solutions, is being developed to include CENTRIS, an authority-based package that will "suck up data from all the authority's schools", says Peter Williams, the former Key Solutions man, now SCET's director of management information systems. "In addition to pupil names, addresses and school meals, CENTRIS will offer assessment data and added value," Williams says.

SCETWorks modules for school development planning are being piloted in East Dunbartonshire, with targets, cost, and balance against planned income that can be fed into budget modules. Also in the pipeline is pupil action planning and record of achievement production. Contact 0141 337 5002, or e-mail

* TinyArt is the latest art package from Topologika Software aimed at children as young as three. It features pencils, sprays, text and shapes in many sizes, filled, outlined and rotated. Available for Acorn, price Pounds 30+VAT, site licence Pounds 60+VAT (includes free clip art). Topologika Software, Waterside House, Falmouth Road, Penryn, Cornwall TR10 8BE. Call 01326 377771 or

* LEGO has gone hi-tech with the launch of LEGO Island CD-Rom. Forty-five colourful characters join children in building vehicles, racing jet skis and riding bikes to explore the island and meet its inhabitants. The game's ultimate challenge is to stop the Brickster from escaping from jail, disassemble the island's only helicopter and deconstruct the island. LEGO Island (Pounds 29.99) is available for Windows 95. Details from 0171-794 2302.

* The Nuffield Foundation is funding a research project about the extent to which Internet communications technologies are being used in special schools and pupil referral units with the aim of encouraging better use of the Web. The project, led by Chris Abbott, is based at the School of Education, King's College, London. E-mail Chris Abbott at * The National Council for Educational Technology has launched an on-line bookshop at It lists bestsellers, new releases and has a bargain basement. Orders can be taken instantly and encryption codes will keep customer details safe from prying eyes.

* Implementing IT (Pounds 35) is a pack aimed at primary IT co-ordinators covering all aspects of the IT co-ordinator's role. Details from NCET Sales: 01203 416669. The National Council for Educational Technology is at Milburn Hill Road, Science Park, Coventry CV4 7JJ. Tel 01203 416994.

* PIN (Parents Information Network) with sponsorship from the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA) has launched a project aimed atdeveloping computer courses for parents who want to support their children's learning. After 16 months of trials, PIN hopes to make three different courseswidely available. PO Box 16394, London SW1 3ZP. Tel 0171 357 9078. e-mail,

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