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Cable technology offers savings and speed of access

In last week's TES Computers Update, Jack Kenny's article highlighting the benefits of the cable industry's fixed-price, unlimited Internet access offer to schools contained some factual errors which I would be grateful if you could amend.

If schools cannot find out who their local cable operator is through the local telephone directory or directory enquiries, they should telephone the Cable Hotline on 0990 111 777.

The number in the article (0171-799 1471) is in fact a fax machine, and we would understand schools' irritation if they could not get through to us.

Alternatively, schools can get more information about their local cable operator by accessing the Cable web site at

Mr Kenny also asserts "the cable line is better than an ordinary phone line but it is unlikely that it will be enough to satisfy the demands of a large secondary school".

Cable companies, however, are offering an ISDN, or equivalent 64k link, that will offer schools the same level of service as BT, but at a much lower cost and with no connection fees.

In addition, cable modems will be coming on to the market during the course of this year.

Once a school is linked to the local cable network, cable modems will offer speeds that can transform the way in which schools use the Internet and other online services.

With the advent of digital broadcasting later this year, technology will offer schools even more new opportunities.

ROY PAYNE Director of communications The Cable Communications Association.

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