Cademuir calls in the ombudsman

David Henderson reports from the NASUWT conference at Seamill on growing classroom disquiet over indiscipline

A FORMAL complaint against the inspectorate has been lodged by Cademuir International School in Moniaive after a damning follow-up care and welfare report raised questions about the independent school's continued viability and challenged its safety record.

The school has appealed to the parliamentary ombudsman saying the judgment is unfair and damaging and invoked the inspectorate's own complaints procedures.

Robert Mulvey, the principal, said: "We feel very strongly that HMIE is abusing its position in this instance and certainly not living up to the values it is supposed to espouse of objectivity, impartiality and fairness."

The school was first inspected last October and again at the end of January and the report was issued last month. Mr Mulvey said: "We are upset and concerned at its very negative and cynical tone, which is inflammatory and borders on the vindictive. We pointed this out to HMIE very strongly when the draft report was sent out to us for comment in February.

"In response, they have strengthened their attack on the school in the revised final version, which appears to have been deliberately written to suggest to the casual reader that the school is unsafe and that children are not adequately protected, an allegation that we and our parents totally refute."

The Scottish Executive is still considering its response and may yet serve a notice of complaint.

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