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Camaraderie and community;Letter

My youngest daughter, Yanoula, makes the move to her local secondary after the summer. It marks the end of a long association as a parent with Rashielea Primary in Erskine.

Parents are often criticised for being obsessed with their own child, and I am sure that I have fallen into that category all too often. Effective schools create special moments which bring together the school community. I will miss the camaraderie among parents, children and staff at the Greenock music and poetry festival, the Burns competition and the Renfrew swimming gala, among many other events.

These occasions only came about as a result of individual staff, and the headteacher in particular, giving of their free time to make something happen. To Elsa and everyone else who made this possible, my deep thanks.

Cameron Munro Crow Road, Broomhill, Glasgow

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