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Campus rebuilds after 77 shock

A college hopes a new pound;2 million campus will help restore the pride which was lost in its community when it was discovered that two of the 77 bombers were locals.

Joseph Priestley college was inundated with callers during the summer asking whether the Leeds neighbourhood of Beeston was still a safe place to study in following the terror attacks on the capital.

The college's marketing officer, Michael Bennett, revealed: "Two of the bombers were from Beeston and lived about 200 metres from the front door of the college.

"There was a lot of negative publicity about Beeston and people were very concerned about coming here to learn. They were worried about reports of bombers living here and if it would be a safe place.

"Of course it is a safe place and we aim to unite the community through education.

"Beeston is a superb place for learning and we hope our new campus will have a positive effect and help reassure people."

Hasib Mir Hussain and Sheh-zhad Tanweer both planned their attacks on London in their homes close to the Yorkshire college. The two other suicide bombers were fgrom Dewsbury and Aylesbury.

The college has students of at least 36 nationalities and has welcomed a refugee from Baghdad who has arrived at the college to learn English.

The new campus offers vocational training to 14 to 16-year-olds.

Students will have the use of computers worth pound;30,000 which have been paid for by the colllege, the European Development Fund and the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund It has classrooms for training students who are sent by businesses, a large learning resources centre and private counselling rooms.

International Development Secretary Hilary Benn, who opened the campus, said: "The new campus has given a big boost to Beeston and Holbeck and proves the area is changing for the better."

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