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Can I sue for fall?

Recently I slipped on a cleaned floor at work and injured my back. Since returning to work after taking time off to recover, my back is still causing me problems. I am aware that my employer has a responsibility to ensure the workplace is safe. There was no sign warning me of a wet floor.

I have taken my complaint to my manager who was sympathetic but would not go so far as to suggest legal action. Do I have a case?

There are plenty of laws protecting you, not least the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974, that requires employers to ensure the safety of its employees. More recently The 1992 Workplace Regulations states that floors should be even and free of slippery surfaces. Given that you have not fully recovered despite a period of leave, I would say you have a good case. Your doctor will need to support your actions and you may need the testimony of others to support your case. There may be long- term consequences for you so don't let them get away with just an apology.

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