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Can others do my photocopying?

Regarding teachers no longer doing "bulk photocopying", I wonder how the word "bulk" has been defined: ("Your photocopying days are over", TES, September 5).

For a primary teacher, "bulk" means "for more than one class" - which we simply don't do often.

I wonder whether those who negotiated this photocopying concession were aware that much primary copying is reduction, or more likely, expansion of either pictures or text; and that many teachers prefer to do this themselves to ensure that they get what they want.

I wonder also whether the negotiators of the workload deal were aware that most of this copying is done before school starts or after it finishes - but that most learning assistants are employed just for the school day - during which so many of them do a brilliant job.

Danny Collman 14 Westover Road Handsworth Wood Birmingham

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