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The 'can't-do' generation

Regarding your recent articles discussing independent learning, my husband and my grown-up children often complain about the lack of commitment, initiative and motivation displayed by some of their recently graduated work colleagues.

These laggards must be the first fully "national curriculum-ed" set of graduates emerging from university.

Through government desire for equality of educational opportunity and to ensure that control of education was removed from the hands of the loony left, the National Curriculum appears to have bred a generation with little interest in very little. They appear to have little enthusiasm at work and seem intellectually challenged by any unsupervised task. Could the spoon-feeding of an over-loaded, tedious curriculum be partially responsible for such a can't-do generation?

Call me an old hippy, but I remember covering independent learning skills in topic-based teaching 30 years ago. The national curriculum has taught a whole generation about coping successfully with boredom.

Pat Guy

19 Waterloo Road


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