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Considering the number of Glasgow University graduates who have made their mark in the field of state education in Scotland, it is strange indeed that only one person currently working in the state sector has been proposed for the honorary degree of Doctor of the University as part of the 550th anniversary celebrations.

Step forward Ken Corsar, director of education for Glasgow.

The only headteacher to be honoured is actually a rector, Robin Easton of the fee-paying Glasgow High School. But council schools at least get their foot in the door with St Gerard's Secondary alumnus Billy Cnnolly and fellow Govanite Sir Alex Ferguson in line for a higher degree.

Ferguson excepted, the people's game in Scotland, like the people's education, is also under-represented. While golf has Colin Montgomerie and rugby has Jim Telfer (OK, we know he was a heidie in a state school but he is included here because of his coaching prowess), Scottish football can claim only a tenuous link through Alex Mosson, Glasgow's Lord Provost and keen Celtic supporter.

What, no Craig Brown? Or are the university authorities waiting to see if Scotland qualifies for the next World Cup?

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