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Cap student teacher numbers

We have recently completed a BEd in primary education at Moray House Institute and are about to embark on our induction year.

Having worked extremely hard throughout four years at university, we are very concerned that, due to the current job situation, our hard work may not be rewarded. Although we will have a job for a year as part of our induction, it is unlikely we will get a permanent post next year.

The current shortage of jobs within the teaching profession is due to the huge number of students taken in by Scottish universities last year, who now need a place in a school for their induction year.

Moray House alone doubled its intake to over 300. As a result, this year there will be a record number of probationer teachers.

Last week, we learned that the Scottish Executive plans to reduce class sizes, although it has not explained how it plans to do this. Many schools are already cramped and do not have the space for any more classrooms.

The Executive also plans further increases in the number of student places on teacher training courses, when there are already hundreds of qualified teachers struggling to find work.

This is an issue that we feel very strongly about. We have created a petition so that other students and teachers can voice their concerns. The petition suggests that, in order to resolve this problem, the number of student places should be capped.

Please take time to note the concerns raised by our petition, www.ipetitions.competitionstudentintake

Laura Mill and Laura McArthur

Moray House Institute


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