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Capital tops the league

SCHOOLS in London get up to pound;2,000 more funding per pupil than their counterparts in other authorities - with the capital's boroughs dominating the league table of best-funded local education authorities.

The figures show the scale of funding differences under the current system of local government finance. Secondary schools in Brent received an average of pound;3,800 per pupil in 1997-8 (the latest year for which figures are available) - compared to Bradford secondaries with just pound;1,605.

The top 24 high spenders in the secondary table were all London boroughs.

Secondry schools in Birmingham were the best funded outside the capital.

Although primary schools received on average, pound;820 per pupil less than secondaries, London schools again did better. Bradford was the best of the rest in fifteenth place.

However, secondaries in Bradford paid a price for having well funded feeder schools - they got the lowest funding in England.

The figures below are taken from tables provided in a Parliamentary answer to Chris Ruane, Labour MP for the Vale of Clwyd by schools minister, Estelle Morris.

Based on reports from Hansard

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