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(Photograph) - * Special things happen in schools every day. This is your chance to show us what's new, unusual or funny about your school. We're looking for intriguing images of everyday life taken by you or your pupils

* More than 100 girls from Sheffield high school went travelling around the world earlier this year, from Berlin to Bonaire and Cadiz to Colorado. In four separate visits, the girls and staff visited Germany, Spain, US and then one tour that covered Peru, Bonaire (Dutch Antilles) and the Galapagos Islands. Here a group take a breather on their snow bikes at Winter Park, Colorado

* At Banff primary school near Aberdeen, pupils are collecting used ink jet printer cartridges to exchange for goats. For every 50 cartridges recycled, Environmental Business Products donates money for Oxfam to buy a goat for families in West Africa. The school plans to extend the scheme to parents, their friends and local businesses

* At Sherington CE first school near Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes, co-operation is the key word. Advanced skills teacher Colin Storey says everyone has the opportunity to muck in - all children have access to the school's two vegetable plots - and weekly cooking sessions make use of home-grown organic produce

Send your images to Please include contact details and caption info, which must include your school's name. We pay pound;25 for every one we use. See for terms and conditions

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