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EQUIVALENCE RANGE. EdTech. Prices range from pound;6.99 to pound;24.99. Tel: 0191 268 2222


The first thing that strikes you about the new Equivalence range is how well put together they are. Many an item used by a class falls to pieces after the first few outings but these, made from durable plastic, look like they will last.

The main use of the range is for the teaching of fractions, decimals and percentages, and the equivalence between them. It would be best used for pupils at the end of KS2 and early on in KS3. The range is split between front-of-class items such as an equivalence washing line and individual learning items, for instance answer fans, which each child could hold to show their answers.

A nice touch is that each of the strands is colour-coded - for example, all the items used to teach percentages are red. There is also an extra strand of pictorial representations to help pupils. These products are more teacher aids than actual learning implements, but they will help convey the ideas about a quite difficult subject.

Mark Finnemore teachers maths at Latymer Upper School in London

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