Care and health failings

Inadequate care

* children not supervised by properly checked adults on activity trips

* staff not trained in child protection and lacked the knowledge to spot signs of abuse

* insufficient staff

* no records of parents' contact details or children's medical information

* no written permission from parents to take children on outings

* entrance and exits not sufficiently secure against intruders

* children at risk of contact with toxic material, dangerous equipment and very hot water

* staff did not know what to do if a child was lost Inadequate health

* failure to plan appropriate menus - especially for children with food allergies

* not providing a balanced diet or helping children understand the effect of what they eat on their health

* insufficient space indoors and not enough time for outdoor play

* not enough done to help children understand the importance of exercise

* poor hygiene when children visit the toilet, eat or care for pets

* no first-aid box or first-aid qualified adult

* children exposed to cigarette smoke

* no record of accidents or medication given to children

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