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Q I am an Australian-trained science teacher who is also qualified to teach English. I work in Western Australia but am keen to return to England later this year when my two-year contract ends. I do not relish doing supply teaching because one tends to see children's worst side. But I do like to work with behaviourally challenging students. What are my chances of finding a job outside London - in, say, the South West?

A I would think your chances of finding a post are excellent. With the literacy strategy taking hold in secondary schools, you would seem to have the right specialisms to be of great value. Apart from consulting The TES website, you might also look at the websites for education departments in such cities as Bristol or contact the South West Recruitment Strategy Team, which covers six authorities: PO Box 110, Exeter, EX2 4XT. Tel: 01392 383453. You could try e-mailing other recruitment strategy managers in the area with your CV.

Q Recently, you had an enquiry from someone studying for a PGCE (adult) for special educational needs. What is this course and how can I find out more about it?

A A number of universities run PGCE courses for those wishing to teach in further education or to work specifically with adults, but there is no central applications procedure as with other PGCE courses. I haven't been able to locate a specific course with the title mentioned, but Wolverhampton, Greenwich and Cardiff universities all run PGCEs in post-compulsory education with special education needs as an option within the course. You could try their websites for further information.

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