Career Clinic

THE ACADEMIC Mainly As with some Bs.

Your subject is very important to you, whether it's geography or numeracy.

You are well organised, but you often lack a whole-school view. If you are ambitious you would be well advised to go for departmental or key stage co-ordinator posts. In the future you could try for advisory positions. At the moment you are not headteacher material.

the THINKER Mainly Bs with some As.

Your strength is in lesson planning. You like working with colleagues but you are sometimes guilty of missing out on the big picture. Why not send some of your many lesson plans off to a publisher or apply for secondment to work on curriculum development. Be warned: if you leave the school you may not want to return. You are happier working with adults. If you have combined Bs and Ds you might consider the adviser inspection route.

The MENTOR Mainly Cs amp; some As.

You entered teaching because you wanted to work with children and that's where you are happiest. You would probably find management difficult, and you are not always at your best when dealing with colleagues. If you are ambitious - and a lot of Mentors aren't - then you will need to do some work on your people management skills.

The LEADER Mainly Ds amp; some Es.

You have management stamped all over you. If you aren't on the senior team now, you probably will be in five years' time.

The WAGE SLAVE Mainly Es amp; some Bs.

You like the job, especially the contact with kids and the holidays. You may be ambitious, but you don't show much evidence of it and you tend to lack the 'whole school' view. If you are still in the job in 20 years' time your cynicism may well be corrosive.

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