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Career Mistakes

Becoming a Jeremiah

Sarah worked with two deputies one after the other during the time I knew her. Rose, the first one, was an enabler.

"Rose, the theatre-in-education group have told me how much space they need, and I can't see how we get five classes into the hall to see them."

"Worry not, Sarah. I'll get it sorted. Go and have your coffee."

The second one, Jim, could always find obstacles.

"I'll try, Sarah, but let me go through the problems with you. Have you considered postponing the group?"

Of course, one episode doesn't make a Jeremiah, but becoming known for conjuring up snags can damage your reputation even when you believe you're being practical and realistic.

The right thing to do?

You can't say "OK, I'm on it, boss" to everything your manager suggests. But you can aim to be known more for finding solutions than raising objections.

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