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Career Mistakes

Discounting a sideways move.

I have met many teachers who are fed up with their unsuccessful job applications. Either they do not make the shortlist or they fail at the interview stage. They may, of course, be making a hash of their application forms and interviews. Aside from this, though, a common problem is that they simply refuse to look at jobs that do not count as promotion in terms of salary and status.

What's the right thing to do?

There are many reasons a sideways move can be good professionally. You may go to a school that is more successful and, for that reason, a better jumping-off point for promotion next time. You may be broadening your experience - adding sixth-form work to your CV, perhaps, or moving from pastoral responsibility to academic. It is a matter of being open-minded, reading a much wider selection of job adverts and not thinking of your career as straightforward steps up a ladder.

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