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Career Mistakes

Going for the money

I have already mentioned in these columns the unhappiness that followed when I took on a job I was not very good at in a badly managed school. What I have not mentioned is that I was at least partly attracted by the salary, which took me three bands further up the scale in use at the time. I had a mortgage and two young children. The substantial raise promised real financial relief, and surely played its part in blinding me to what I was taking on.

What's the right thing to do?

Money is important. But this is not assembly-line work where you can daydream through a shift then forget it and go home. Teaching is emotionally draining and there are many others out there ready to confirm that no amount of cash can make up for the stress, sleepless nights and illness that can come with the wrong move. So research your desired job thoroughly, leaving the salary issue to one side until you are certain it is right for you.

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