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Careers and the National Curriculum (second edition) Edited by Anthony Barnes Lifetime Careers Wiltshire pound;75

This resource file looks at curriculum subjects at key stages 3 and 4 with the aim of linking careers information to them. The most useful section is the appendix, which shows which activities contribute to the delivery of the suggested framework for careers education and guidance produced by the National Association of Careers Guidance Teachers. Each subject section has a teacher's introduction with suggestions for careers-related work, followed by pupil activities. The pack provides a useful overview for the careers teacher, but needs liaison with subject teachers to avoid overlap with topics they may already have covered.

Looking Ahead Year 10 and Looking Ahead Year 11 (second edition) By Sussex Careers Services Trotman amp; Co pound;59.99 each

With so many careers resources, we have moved away from "death by worksheet" lessons which bored everyone rigid. With this in mind, these two packs are excellent for busy teachers responsible for careers lessons as well as their own subject. Choosing practical and relevant exercises is the key to a good lesson. In the Year 10 pack,I would go for How Do I Decide? Pupils usually get involved in lively discussion about the dos and don'ts of application forms, as they also do with using the telephone, a great role-play exercise. There are also sections which are good ice-breaking or end-of-lesson exercises: Non-Verbal Communication and How Do You Communicate? All students from Years 9 to 11 enjoy the How Many Do I Know? game. There is lots of scope to practise writing CVs and application forms in the Year 11 pack. These can be completed and then shortlisted to give pupils a flavour of how selection is done. There is also useful information about a range of topics from the labour market to working in Europe.

MAP (eighth edition) By Sandi Robinson Lifetime Careers Wiltshire pound;59.95

A new edition of the well-known guide for post-16 students, covering higher education and employment. As with all similar activity packs it is important to select appropriate exercises for the group you are teaching. Practical ones work best, particularly those which stimulate discussion and follow-up research among students. Sample applications, whether for higher education or employment, always provoke a lively response. Key dates for planning are included, along with contact addresses and websites. A useful resource for this age-group.

Penguin Careers Guide By Jan Widmer Penguin Books pound;12.99

Now in its 11th edition, the Penguin Careers Guide continues to provide invaluable and wide-ranging information. A must for every careers library, student and parent.

Bridget Patterson is head of careers, Northgate High School, Ipswich, Suffolk

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