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Careers advice squeezed out

THANK you for the articles "'Biased' advice cheats pupils" , and "Let's keep advice free from bias" (TES, March 21).

Those of us who were at one time called careers officers and had gained the Diploma in Careers Guidance are concerned at how the area of careers guidance has been diluted in the new Connexions Service. I am all for working with the harder-to-help young people but not at the expense of the headway that had been made in delivering a comprehensive careers service.

Judith Norrington is quite right. We as Connexions personal advisers are overstretched. Ivan Lewis might ask that Connexions is not seen as a "glorified careers service" but I for one felt we did a good job and this is in danger of being lost.

David Bousie 79 Belvedere Road Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire

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