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Careers staff done a disservice

The headline, "Careers service 'not up to the job"' (TES, November 11) was most unfair, and I write on behalf of members of the Institute of Careers Guidance employed in Pathfinder and local education authority careers services to protest most strongly. The headline can in no way be inferred from the contents of the article and necessarily damages the reputation of careers services and careers advisers.

The headline is all the more unjust because the two reports merged in the article have much positive comment on careers education and guidance.

The institute, which was involved in preliminary work on the document, welcomes Better Choices and pledges to make it work.

The role of careers services is made explicit in the delivery of careers education and guidance.

It has also worked with the National Association for the Care and Rehabilitation of Offenders to ensure that young people marginalised in society receive their entitlement to careers guidance.

Careers advisers deserve support, not unfair criticism.



Institute of Careers Guidance

Careers Service Headquarters Office

County Hall

Atlantic Wharf


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